About the CalFresh Challenge

CalFresh MealtimeThe CalFresh Challenge gives participants a view of what life can be like for millions of low-income Americans. It started in 2007 when four members of Congress decided to live for one week on an average food stamp budget of several dollars a day. The goal is to continue to raise awareness and understanding around the challenges faced by millions of Americans receiving CalFresh/SNAP benefits. The average benefit in San Diego is about $4.90 per person per day, or about $34.31 per week.

The cost of a container of coffee and fresh fruits and vegetables will never look the same again.

4 responses to “About the CalFresh Challenge

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  4. Thank you for your story, it’s great ! I have been living in my car since my homes foreclosure by Wells Fargo Bank in November of 2009. Living on $189.00 a month in food stamps, and 147.00 in cash assistance will drive you crazy, and often have you eat high carb foods to survive, as a result I have gained 40 lbs. Without refrigeration, or a stove, I have to warm my food at 7-Elleven’s, Whole Foods, and Ralph’s when they have a Microwave for customer use. I hope that every one in congress has to live off food stamps for at least a month.

    Jose F . Medeiros
    The Unemployed IT Guy!

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